19 December 2020

Loquillo returns to Madrid to present his new album, El Último Clásico, in concert! On December 19, 2020 at the Wizink Center, we'll travel into eternity, driving his Cadillac.

Loquillo (Barcelona, 1960) is a unique rockstar in Spain. Not only because of his personal vision of rock, but also because his popularity transcends the musical sphere.

Charismatic, brave, eclectic, audacious, free.

A transversal icon, outsider to fashion and a survivor of trends, relentless leading character in our musical memory, eternal performer, the latest classic.

Loquillo returns to Madrid more 'Loquillo' than ever.

His new album, El Último Clásico, is a collection of ten songs featuring the best national composers. Leiva, Santi Balmes, Marc Ros, Carlos Zanón, Luis Alberto de Cuenca, Gabriel Sopeña, Mario Cobo, Josu García and Igor Paskual are part of the creative list of this precise piece of sound.

And these new songs will be presented next December 19, 2020 in Madrid. In the same Wizink Center where he hung the 'sold out' poster and applauded him from beginning to end.

By then, Loquillo will have not performed in the capital for three years. That night he will step firmly on the stage to show us the root of the matter, to show that he remains himself.

A homecoming to meet his fans and his songs, to explode in a night of rock with all his faithful.

Authenticity in a world of imitations.

On December 19, 2020 we will travel into eternity, driving his Cadillac.



WiZink Center   Avenida Felipe II s/n
From 18 To 19 December 2020
Saturday 19 December 2020   
From 35,00 €*

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* Open bar of soft drinks, wine selection, and beer.

* Commemorative accreditation.

* Staff and personalized attention.


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