15 May 2021



Hello to everyone,

First of all, we want to thank you deeply for your patience and trust in these uncertain times.

We have been analyzing the current situation with all the parties involved for weeks with two main objectives. On the one hand, to save the tour, avoid cancellations, and thus maintain the more than 800 jobs that are at stake; and, on the other hand, to follow all the health and safety recommendations in all the venues so that the shows are safe places.

Taking all this into account, we can announce that the 'No Limits' tour of the Harlem Globetrotters will be moved to May 2021. It will start on May 7th in Valencia and will end on May 16th in Madrid, in the same venues where they were scheduled. These are the dates of the tour:

• Valencia, Friday 7th May 2021

• Málaga, Saturday 8th May 2021

• Barcelona, Sunday 9th May 2021

• Bilbao, Monday 10th May 2021

• Gijón, Tuesday 11th May 2021

• Vigo, Wednesday 12th May 2021

• Valladolid, Thursday 13th May 2021

• Seville, Friday, May 14th, 2021

• Mallorca, Saturday 15th May 2021

• Madrid, Sunday 16th May 2021

As we already mentioned in the previous date change, relocating such an extensive tour as this is not an easy task if you want to keep the same cities and the same venues. In this case even more so, since until we had the official ACB calendar for next season we could not know the availability of the venues. The announcement of the calendar arrived this past Wednesday, September 2nd and we were able to confirm the planned dates and relocate the shows that were incompatible with the ACB games.

If you already have your tickets bought, don't worry, they are valid for the new dates without having to make any changes. We sincerely hope that you can come to the new dates, but if you can't, please send us your refund request to entradas@proactiv.es until 17/09/20.

We would like to thank all the parties involved for their support and, above all, you for your understanding and infinite patience. And as we said in the previous change, there is already one day less for all this to be over and your help is very important, we are counting on you.

Best Regards

The Proactiv Team


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  • MAGIC PASS: Activities with the players for 30 minutes! You must buy the Magic Pass ticket to access this part (except those who have bought a Globetrotters Experience ticket). Children under 16 years may not enter the venue without a responsible adult. Accompanying adults must also buy a Magic Pass ticket. Minors aged between 16 and 18 years must present authorization signed by their parent or legal guardian to confirm that they may attend alone.
  • MINORS: Children under 16 years may not enter the venue without a responsible adult. Minors aged between 16 and 18 years must present authorization signed by their parent or legal guardian to confirm that they may attend alone. Should attending minors not comply with the aforementioned requirements, the organization reserves the right to deny entry to the venue.
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