El Cuerpo Inventado

From 12 September To 15 December 2019

A wonderful exhibition about the female figure through a 100-year history of fashion that analyzes how the female body has been drawn over the last century.

On September 12, a new exhibition about the female figure and her silhouette is inaugurated in the Azca Room. A journey through more than 100 years of fashion history.

Beauty is a cultural concept that has varied over time. The beauty canon has been decided in each era through economic, social, political and also artistic factors. In the case of women, the female body has been living - and suffering on many occasions - these modifications. There are practices of all kinds: from the lightest ones that dress or undress, cover or uncover to the most radical ones that lengthen, cushion, contract, deform or imprison the female anatomy.

Although the modifications of the canon were subtle until the 19th century and were extended for years, decades or even centuries, in the 20th century the processes accelerated and the woman's body has seen all kinds of transformations in her way of covering herself. Thus, The Invented Body is about this beauty story about the costume of the last 100 years.

The exhibition offers the visitor an analysis of how the woman's body has been drawn over the last century, after the end of World War I. From the refined cut of the 20s, through the vertical elegance of the 30s or the new femininity of the New Look by Christian Dior; of the hidden body with which Balenciaga revolutionizes fashion or the new concept of women in pants by Yves Saint Laurent or Giorgio Armani, not forgetting the current moment in which the nude dresses the woman. And all, in addition, through great aesthetic references of each moment, such as Marilyn Monroe, Rita Hayworth, Madonna, Lady Gaga or Audrey Hepburn.


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